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Friday Night Challenge 2020 - Week 41

Posted on October 22, 2020 by

Family affair Friday Night Two families battled it out. Father and Son Matthew and Rhys Gordon took to the track challenging another family team of Danika and Dimitri with dad Tarna. The families fighting for top placing and the quickest time throughout the evening plus don’t forget. The bragging rights for the dinner table.   

The leaders swooping places in all races right up to the final race, Until then it was anyone’s race with all top runners winning a heat each. In the final heat with the group bunched up at the green light. Turn one was busy with the humming of engines. With Rhys getting the jump on the pack, but with Tarna close on his heals Matthew close on his left hand side. They made the turn and sorted themselves out cleanly and setting up their lines for turn 2. Danika & Stewart and Hitesh battling it out trying to catch the lead group. On the third lap the move from Matthew getting the inside line on turn 6 put him into 2nd place and Tarna now humbled to run 3rd place. And the rest of the field slowly closing the gap on the front runners. Stewart and Hitesh pushing their limits and Danika close by. Stewart and Hitesh we’re in a tight fight for 4th with Stewart only a new comer to Kingston Park Raceway but most improved in the past week as he has been on track week days to try his luck. 

The two men were very close and clearly on the charge to the leaders when a flat tyre on the third lap cost Stewart a placing. But as always Stewart was a good sport and declaring to be back to redeem himself. With three laps to run Rhys had comfortably made his mark on his lead leaving the two boys Matthew & Tarna   to battle it out for second and third with Hitesh closing the gap on the front runners and Danika on the lead lap but out of reach for a placing. 

But there is only one winner of the night.  

Results.  1st Rhys Gordon,   2nd Matthew Gordon, 3rd Tarna Stiles.  

The fastest lap of the night goes to Stacey Maiden with a 61.368.