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Friday Night Challenge 2019 Results - week 7

Posted on January 5, 2022 by

Good evening and welcome back to Kingston Park Raceways Friday Night Challenge. For this round, we saw 40 drivers across 2 grids make their way to Kingston Park Raceway for what is going to be A Hell Of A Night Out. We saw people from a couple of corporate companies as well as some regular and new faces make their way down to take on the Friday Night Challenge.

For the practice race the drivers were sent out to get a feel for the karts. With the drivers ready to go, the night was underway with all drivers racing hard on track to earn the most points to be able to proceed into the top 6 drivers for the Super Final race.


The pre-races were won and the finalist for the super final have been announced and those drivers were Travis Geshwend, Daniel Martin, Scott Roworth, Ben Daly, Ryan Stepheson and Ethan Chilcott.


it was time to race and as the pace kart peels back into pitlane, our 6 finalists roared down the main straight towards the green light and as the lights changed the drivers were off! Straight away there is some contact as they turn into the first corner of our 1100m LeMans Track. 


Daniel Martin in 2nd took advantage from all the bumping and shot him in front to take the lead of the race from Travis Geshwend and bolted. Heading out of turn 2, Ethan Chilcott moved up from 6th position to 3rd in a move to start challenge Travis Geshwend and Daniel Martin.

Coming into turn 7 and Scott Roworth pinched his karts brakes a little too hard causing himself to spin out and lose valuable positions. 4 laps to go, Daniel Martin is starting to open a gap between himself and the rest of the pack with 2.274 sec gap away from Travis Geshwend.


With the pressure from Travis Geshwend being lifted, Daniel Martin starts to really put the hammer down and races away with the lead. A little too much bumping around the turns 7 and 8 from drivers Ryan Stephenson, Ben Daly and Scott Roworth resulting in Ben Daly losing 2 valuable positions putting him back to 6th, Ben Daly then returned to the pits and retired from the race.


With 2 laps remaining of Friday Night Challenge, Daniel Martin is racing away with a great lead ahead of the other drivers, following behind is Travis Geshwend and Ethan Chilcott in 2nd and 3rd positions.


All driver seemed to have settled in to their positions as they passed for their final lap.

Last lap to go and the stage is set as the chequered flag waves for the winner of tonights Friday Night Challenge and its Daniel Martin for the win.


1st place  Daniel Martin 62.789

2nd place Travis Geshwend 62.967

3rd Place Ethan Chilcott  63.147


Thanks to everyone for joining us here tonight, competitors, spectators, friends and family for making Friday Night Challenge a night to remember. If you are interested in jumping on in don't be shy, check out our website at www.kingstonpark.com.au or call our friendly sales team on 3826 2255 to book in and secure your spots on the grid. Race hard, race fast and we'll see you at the next one!