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Friday Night Challenge 2018 - Week 7

Posted on January 26, 2022 by

Good evening and welcome back to Kingston Park Raceway for Friday Night Challenge. For this round, we saw 38 drivers make their way to Kingston Park Raceway for what is going to a quick night. We had drivers from Adam and Andres birthdays and drivers from Jarrods bucks party come down for some fast fun before a big night out. For the practice races the drivers were split into 3 groups with our early birds going out first followed by our regulars and late arrivals. With the early birds, out on track, they showed there is serious competition in this group majority of the drivers achieving a 64 second lap or better. The group 2 drivers were up next for their warm up round and majority of the drivers achieved a low 64 second lap or better. With the 2 groups warmed up and ready to go the night was underway with all drivers racing hard on track to earn the most points to be in top 10 positions for the semi-finals. From the top 12 drivers in each semi-final group only 3 drivers will make it into the super final to race for the champion’s trophy. The semi-finals got underway with the top 12 drivers from group 1 on points resume the battle for the top 4 positions. The top 12 drivers in group 2 were up next to see who will make it through as the other top 4 drivers.


The semi-finals got underway with the top 12 drivers from each group on points resumed the battle for the top 8 positions available for the super final.


From the semi-finals, the top 8 drivers in the super final were Mike Jones, Rhys Matthews, Nic McArdle, Andre Mijic, Ben Howard, Vlad Laurentiu, Jake Clarke and Luke Sciacchitano. As the drivers finished the safety briefing for the final race, it was time to get the main event under way. All of the drivers switched from being laid back and joking around to competitive mode for the big race that will crown another Friday Night Challenge winner. Its time to go and the drivers headed out on their pace kart lap. The pace kart peeled back into pit lane and it was time to begin the gentle rolling start up to the start/ finish line. Before the lights went green we had our second black flag of the night going to Jones for spinning out behind the pace kart and after turning himself around he decides to overtake the pace kart for a laugh. Jones didnt know what to think when he received the flag before the race even started. With Jones taken out of the race it was now done to 7 other drivers. From the jump McArdle had Matthews covered by having the inside line around turn 1. Mijic struggled with how fast the other drivers took off from the lights and dropped all the way back down to 6th place. Even though the drivers from 3rd to 7th couldnt close the gap to 1st and 2nd, they put on a great demonstration of skill and willingness to not give up on that last position on the podium. On lap 3 McArdle set the fastest lap of the night with a 62.139 while opening up a 4.73 second over Matthews. Coming up to the end of lap 5 Sciacchitano dived up the inside of Laurentiu at turn 8. Not willing to give up his position Laurentiu race a little wider on entry and turned in short at the exit to retake the position back down the straight from Sciacchitano. On the last lap you could tell that McArdle slowed down so Matthews could catch up. After the race he got asked why did you slow down.


1st place Nic McArdle

2nd place Rhys Matthews

3rd Place Ben Howard


Fastest lap of the night  Nic McArdle with a 62.139


What a night we had with ups and downs, excitement and drama. What more could you ask for in the best karting event you can participate in outside of official competitive racing. With practice, 3 heats, the best drivers after all 3 heats going into a semi-final and then the best of the best going head to head for their shot at gold in the super final. But dont take my word for it, if you are interested, keen or even just looking for something exciting to do on a Friday night then come on down and check it out for yourself. Or even better yet jump on in and give it a crack for only $89pp. For more information check out our website or call our sales team on 07 3826 2222. Also dont forget to follow us on Facebook for updates on special events, offers, deals and more. Once again a big thank you to all who joined us here for a action packed, adrenaline filled, unbeatable night karting here at Kingston Park Raceways Friday Night Challenge!

If you want to take on the best Go Karting racers in Brisbane then all you need to is front up on a Friday night and let your driving do the talking for you.

Registration is at 6:00pm, Practice starts at 6:30pm with racing from 7:15pm sharp and we recommend you book as Friday Night Challenge is a very popular event here at Kingston Park Raceway!

Call 07 3826 2255 to enter the next race and check out the FNC page for details