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Friday Night Challenge 2018 - Week 6

Posted on February 22, 2018 by
A majority of the drivers were new and a few regular drivers. The night’s races kicked off with the drivers being split into 2 groups for the practice rounds so the drivers can get a feel for the karts and the track. With the practice race out of the way it is now time to kick off the main heats of the night. With the 2 groups warmed up and ready to go the night was underway with all drivers fighting hard on track to earn the right to be in top 8 positions for the semi-finals. From the top 8 drivers in each semi-final group only 4 drivers from each group will make it through to the super final to race for the champions trophy.

The semi-finals got underway with the top 8 drivers from group 1 on points resuming the battle for the top 4 positions. The top 8 drivers in group 2 were up next to see who will make it through as the other top 4 drivers.

From the semi-finals, the top 8 drivers in the super final were Dylan Menz, Ryan O’Sullivan, Luke Te Moananui, Josh Dreaver, Joshua Manser, Clayton Menz, Dave Menz and Cameron Hinwood. As the drivers finished the safety briefing for the final race, it was time to get the main event under way. All of the drivers switched from being laid back and joking around to competitive mode for the big race that will crown another Friday Night Challenge winner. It’s time to go and the drivers headed out on their pace kart lap. The pace kart peeled back into pit lane and it was time to begin the gentle rolling start up to the start/ finish line. The lights go green and we’re underway. From the jump all the drivers were equal and fighting for the lead. On the opening lap Te Moananui past O’Sullivan around the outside at turn 4 to take 2nd place. Manser made his way past Dreaver to take 4th place on the very same lap. Te Moananui found an opening on Menz at turn 1 to claim the lead at the start of the second lap. What happened next was going to really hurt. Coming into turn 2 Manser made his move on Sullivan for 3rd place and didn’t expect another driver to dive up the inside of him which resulted in O’Sullivan going through the tyres on the outside of turn 2. After the crash at turn 2 Dreaver found his opening for 2nd place. Hinwood used the same chance to move up to 5th place. With clean air Dreaver was closing in on Te Moananui by setting the fastest lap of the race with a 62.750 on lap 3. Dreaver was pushing Te Moananui hard through turn 5 as the karts were bumper to bumper, proving his experience in the super finals Dreaver continued to search for a gap and found his opening up the inside at turn 1 and didn’t slow down enough going around turn 1 but wasn’t expecting Te Moananui to come back underneath him and retake the lead. Hinwood kept pushing hard to pass Menz and found his opening at turn 1 to take 4th place on lap 6.

1st place – Luke Te Moananui
2nd place – Josh Dreaver
3rd Place – Joshua Manser

Fastest lap of the night –  Josh Dreaver with a 61.804