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Friday Night Challenge 2018 - Week 4

Posted on January 30, 2018 by

Happy Australia day and welcome to another exciting night of hard hitting action here for Kingston Park Raceways Friday Night Challenge. This year has already kicking off with some amazing action out on track and various winners showing just how competitive this event has become, tonight was no different as our drivers slogged their way through the heats, their eyes on the prize knowing there can only be one to take it home. Out of all our drivers tonight there was one that stood out throughout all the heats, a name we regularly see here at the race track and that was Josh Dreaver who clean swept through the heats tonight showing a marvellous display of skill behind the wheel.

As always the night rolls along and we find ourselves at the ever imposing super final. Where it’s all on the line and there is everything to gain and lose. We had 8 drivers making it through tonight; Josh Dreaver, Keely Jackson, Nathan Christoffel, Ashton Cole, Shannon Porter, Rachel Grant, Brock Grant and Josh Tremelling. As they roll out behind the pace kart, everyone’s on edge for the start of the race. The green flag drops and they are off racing! Side by side into turn one and around to turn two as everyone tussles for position. Josh Dreaver, Nathan Christoffel and Shannon Porter slug it out through the first few corners before Josh Dreaver gets the upper hand through turn 5 and breaks away as the other two are left to battle for positions 2 and 3.

Heading into the half way mark now and Josh Dreaver has managed to pull a 5 second lead on the rest of the pack. With Nathan Christoffel and Shannon Porter battling for position it’s allowed Brock Grant to close the gap and get into the mix for second and third after beating back both Ashton Cole and Josh Tremelling for 4th position. Unfortunately as often happens when drivers are pushing it to the limits and beyond the edge accidents do happen and Ashton Cole loses it down at turn 5 after pushing a little too deep and not being able to hold onto it. Josh Tremelling is now under fire from Keely Jackson and Rachel Grant as the three of them battle it out for 5th.

Heading into the final stretch and Josh Dreaver has now extended his lead to almost 10 seconds as the battles continue relentlessly behind him.  We see Josh Tremelling finally win the battle for 5th and begin making a charge up to the battle for 2nd in front of him but is it too little too late? Nathan Christoffel, Brock Grant and Shannon Porter still tussling this whole time for position 2 but who will come away with it? Back and forth, corner to corner it’s any ones game at this point. Across the line goes Josh Dreaver to take home the night in first! Shannon Porter wins out the battle for second with a textbook pass through turn 5, my personal favourite move here at the track. And Brock Grant inches out Nathan Christoffel at the line to take home 3rd position.

1st â€“ Josh Dreaver – 63.042 (fastest lap of the night)

2nd â€“ Shannon Porter – 64.536

3rd â€“ Brock Grant – 65.855

Well that about does it for Australia Day here at Kingston Park Raceways Friday Night Challenge. What a show it was as always down here at the raceway, but why take my word for it? Head on down every Friday night and get amongst it for only $89 per person. Give our lovely sales staff a call on (07) 3826 2222 for more information or to book your spot otherwise head on over to www.kingstonpark.com.au to check out all the great deals and packages we have to offer. We hope to see you next time out here trackside for one hell of a night out!