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Friday Night Challenge 2018 - Week 29

Posted on July 24, 2018 by

Friday Night Challenge 20/07/2018


Good evening and welcome to another heart pumping, adrenaline fuelled night out here trackside at Kingston Park Raceway for our Friday Night Challenge! Tonight we had an amazing line up of talent with a few regulars showing their faces to take up the challenge once again. But as well all well know by now only one of them can walk away a winner and let’s dive right in and find out who that person was!

Lining up for the super final tonight we had Braydon Bateman, Corey Saunders, Luke Sciacchitano, Aaron Teale, Matthew Laurie, Ben Howard, Sam Rayson and Damien Taylor. As the pace kart peels in all eyes are on the starting lights as they go green and our drivers are off racing! With Damien holding the lead off the line and into turn one he quickly manages to break away as an epic battle begins behind him for second place between Braydon and Aaron. Looking back and the battles unfolding in the back half of the field are being easily won by Matthey and Ben charging hard through the field.

With the battle for second coming to ahead and the pace being set they manage to make up lost time and catch our leader Damien. Three wide they go down the main straight and somehow make it through turn one cleanly as the three way battle for first now begins. A few laps down and Matthew appears seemly out of nowhere making great time on our current leaders Damien, Aaron and Braydon as he joins the mix. Back and forth they go, swapping and changing from corner to corner!

With 2 laps to go it’s still anyone’s game… but hold on, here comes Ben! Starting from the rear of the field he has made great time and has now tagged onto the lead pack! It’s a 5 way battle for the lead! Aaron finally gets the pass done through turn one on Damien to take the lead into the final lap. Matthew manages to snatch third for the moment coming through turn 2 leaving Brayden to fight tooth and nail to hold onto a podium finish while also holding off the hard charge of Ben behind. The final lap draws to a close as our leaders drive it home across the finish line! Aaron takes the chequered flag! Damien holds on for second and Matthew with a hard charge gets a well-deserved third!


1st – Aaron Teale – 61.190 (fastest lap of the night)

2nd – Damien Taylor – 61.225

3rd – Matthew Laurie – 61.196


And that about wraps up another unbeatable night of hard fought racing action down here at Kingston Park Raceway’s Friday Night Challenge! But hold on, why are you only sitting there reading this? Head on down next time you’ve got the chance and get amongst it! Thanks to all who joined us tonight and we look forward to seeing you all down here again for the next one!