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Friday Night Challenge 2018 - Week 1

Posted on July 9, 2021 by

ROUND 1 / 5th JANUARY 2018

Tonight we had 20 drivers battling it out on track with all drivers ready for the challenge on the 1100m Le Mans Track for the first round of the 2018 FNC Race Night Competition.


It was a great and fun night of racing with our drivers testing their mettle and skill on the track. After hard, well fought battles from the practice rounds to the Grid Finals and entering the nights super finale were the top 6 drivers who earned the top points from their hard fought battle thru-out each of their heats on track:



With the karts prepped and ready to go, our drivers head on out to take their positions behind the pace kart in their two by two formation, as they complete their warm-up lap and the pace kart peels back into pit lane, the top 8 super finalists traverse down the main straight in their two by two all revved up and ready to go, the green lights went on and they are off racing!


As our drivers proceeded out of corner one we saw some expert line taking and precise manoeuvrings by our super finalist as they moved into their positions and start on their racing defence with Michael Ha taking lead position, Chris Telep hot on his exhaust and Mike Jones moving from last position and moving up to 3rd. Braydon Bateman and Peter Phillips are in full pursuit


Lap 2: Coming out of corner 8 and making their way onto the main straight we saw Michael Ha losing the lead position to Chris Telep as they crossed the line with Mike Jones going toe to toe with both Michael & Chris looking for an opening to pass and with the rear of the field Lachlam Phillips, Peter Phillips and Braydon Bateman were all looking for the chance to move into the top 3!


As the Super Final continued on by the 3rd -> 4th lap the crowd from the sidelines were ecstatic as they watched and cheered from the viewing area and also using their phones to watch the race times live on the Kingston Park Raceway App.  We saw Mike Jones and Chris Telep breaking into the 62sec lap times with Mike Jones holding a 1.770 sec lead advantage. At turn 3 we saw Braydon Bateman and Lachlam Phillips go toe-to-toe thru the corner which resulted in Braydon spinning out and after a rescue by the marshall was now a lap behind.


Lap 5 we saw Mike Jones still defending his lead with a 1.797 lead with Chris Telep and Michael Ha going toe-to-toe for 2nd with Peter and Lachlam Phillips battling it out right behind and Braydon Bateman still half a lap behind as he attempts to catch up


Lap 6->7 we saw Michael Ha losing 3rd position dropping to 4th position as Peter Phillips saw an opening and with some great race and line tactics moved up to the top 3. Mike Jones still holding a solid lead with a 0.763 sec lead and with the race closing in to the waive of the checked flag the drivers made their last attempts to move up with the on track positions going toe-to-toe as they came thru the Sponsors Corner.


Lap 7 -> 8 As our drivers exited the Sponsors Corner on the final lap and came onto the Main Straight with the checked flag ready to wave Mike Jones still holding a lead came flying down the Main Straight with his game face on as he crossed the line with a 0.172 sec lead and with Chris Telep and Peter Phillips going toe to toe down the main straight with Chris Telep at the line cross & waive of the flag defended his 2nd position with Peter Phillips taking 3rd place showing the crowd their racing skills on the track and were closely followed by Michael Ha (4th) and Lachlam Phillips (5th) and Braydon Bateman (6th)


As the race was over and the drivers returned to the pits and exited their karts the crowd once more gave them a cheer and applause on a well fought race by our super finalists and after the race the finalists and their mates and family members made their way to the podium for the end of the night presentation and awarding of our weekly prizes given to our podium finishers.


TOP 5 of the Super Final:

1st Mike Jones (62.567)
2nd Chris Telep (62.225)
3rd Peter Phillips (64.119)

4th Michael Ha (64.138)
5th Lachlam Phillips (65.328)

6th Braydon Bateman (64.757)

Call 07 3826 2255 to enter the next race and check out the FNCpage for details.