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1 Hr Enduro Round 2 - Heavy Division

Posted on June 13, 2018 by

Good evening and welcome back to Kingston Park Raceway for Round 2 of The Brisbane Lawyers 1hr Endurance Challenge. This race is possibly going to have a spanner thrown in the works with the incoming weather system that is going to test all of the drivers. Before the race gets underway the drivers will have a chance to qualify for Pole Position for the main race. For the heavyweight division we have 13 drivers ready to tackle what was going to be a fast night out on track. While the drivers waited for their turn out on track, they had the chance to watch the lightweight division race and see how the karts handled in the cool conditions.

With all of the drivers briefed up for the qualifying race, it was now time to see how the drivers will go out on track in what could be the best weather conditions that night racing could offer. All of the drivers were eager to get out there for what is going to be “One Hell Of A Night Out” on track.

Everyone heads out on track for qualifying to see who is going to lead us off in the main event tonight, everyone is laying down their best lap times to get that all important Pole Position and after the dust has settled it is Tony Ahchow qualifying in 3rd with a 63.497, Tim Spencer starts in 2nd with a 62.454 and taking Pole Positions is Jay Townsend with a 62.156.

The drivers returned back to the briefing area to receive their last-minute briefing of the rules and regulations for their 1 Hour Endurance race ahead. Out on track they go and as the pace kart peels back into pit lane and control is handed over to Jay Townsend and Tim Spencer who are on the front row with their eyes focused on the lights waiting for them to turn green. They head down the main straight to the starting line, the lights go green and we are underway with what is going to be fast night of racing. Tim snatches the lead going into the first lap with Jay right on his hammer in 2nd place.

As the drivers started spreading out on the opening laps you could see that our hard chargers being Jay, Tim & Tony Ahchow were pushing the limits to open up a lead over those behind them hoping they don’t get caught out with an undercut at the changeover. On lap 3 of the race Jay Townsend was setting the pace in 2nd with a 62.646 while trying to close the gap to Tim. While the leaders were battling it out up front, Zachary Karkkenain saw an opening up the inside of Bob Cripps to move up from last place. At the 10-minute mark Tim and Jay continued to open up a gap over their competitors and started to breath down the neck of the drivers at the back of the pack. Tim has started to push even harder and pulled away from Jay as he continued to hold onto the lead.

We are now at the 20-minute mark the pit lane has opened for the drivers to come in to do their mandatory pit stop and kart change over. With the help of his pit manager Tony Ahchow came in hoping to pull off an undercut but it backfired when he remained stationary for too long.

During the pit window Tim Spencer incurs the first penalty of the night for failing to stop for the full mandatory 60 second stop at the changeover. Due to the mistake his 1 lap lead was brought back to 11 seconds over Andrew. As each driver strategically comes in for their Kart change hoping to undercut the drivers in front of them the race is starting to form into what is going to be an exciting finish.

We are fast approaching the 40-minute mark now and pit lane is now closed and we begin the hard and fast 20 minute sprint to the end. Brothers Ben & Mark Odgers are battling it out for sibling bragging rights and Norbert Miklos isn’t too far behind.

Andrew Midson is laying down some fast and consistent lap time and starting to claw back some time on the leaders passing Bianca to take 3rd position.

All of the drivers were pushing hard to catch up to the lead drivers. As it kept getting colder the drivers refused to give up and kept pushing hard for the checked flag. With 10 minutes to go the top 6 drivers were all on the lead lap. After a driving error pushing a bit too hard Tim fell back to 5th place.

Approaching the checked and flag Andrew Midson has managed to pull out a blinding lead of 20 seconds over 2nd place Tony Ahchow going to show that consistency is key in events like these as he rounds up another lapped kart to take the chequered flag for the win.

1st place – Andrew Midson

2nd place – Tony Ahchow

3rd place – Jay Townsend.

Fastest lap – Justin Loose. with a 62.240

Well the Heavyweight category put on one hell of a show tonight for Round 2 of The Brisbane Lawyers 1 Hour Endurance Challenge. It was nonstop adrenaline pumping action from start to finish and a successful night for Andrew Midson coming home with a huge win after a hard charge after staring from 5th position. A big congratulation to him and all our podium winners here tonight. If you want to get amongst it and try your luck against the best then don’t be shy! Give our friendly sales staff a call on 07 3826 2255 to book in for Round 3 on 26th July as numbers are limited or purchase online at www.kingstonpark.com.au and secure your spot.

Thank you all one again for joining us and we look forward to see you all again next time for the Brisbane Lawyers 1 Hour Endurance Challenge and “One Hell Of A Night Out.”