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1 Hr Enduro Round 2 - Light Division.

Posted on June 13, 2018 by

Brisbane Lawyers 1 Hour Endurance Race

Welcome to Round 2 of The Brisbane Lawyers 1 Hour Endurance Race, our lightweight division drivers are all ready to take on the challenge of the 1100-meter LeMans track in our Honda powered karts. As we are about to get our night under way looks like we are in for an interesting night ahead. Before the main event can start we need to get qualifying under way to see who’s starting on pole.

Our top 3 drivers from qualifying are as follows - starting in 3rd will be Liam Neutze with 62.482 starting in 2nd is Justin Smith with a 61.846 and starting the race off in Pole Position is Treigh Maschotta with a lap time of 61.344.

All of our drivers gear themselves up and head out to pit lane, they’re getting ready for their 1-hour race ahead, they head out onto the 1100-meter lemans track behind the pace kart in their two by two formation. As the pace kart pulls in the drivers head down the main straight waiting for the lights to go green. The lights are GREEN and we are off and racing down into turn one with Treigh Maschotta getting off to a great start holding the lead but has the whole grid right on the back of his bumper not letting him get away that easy.

Oh no Aiden Smith has run wide, all of the drivers are very close together at this point of the race, all it takes a small slip up and it could cost you the race. Cameron Hinwood is on the move as he makes himself into the top 3 from 5th place and is also first driver to break into the 61 second club. All of our drivers are pushing hard the grid has now opened up splitting the fast drivers from the others.

We’re at the 20 minute mark and our top 4 drivers are all running in the low 61s, there’s nothing in it at all as their laps times are the same lap after lap making it some fast and clean racing up front. Pit window opens up and only a few drivers take this chance to pull in as the leaders keep pushing. As the front runners are nose to tail Cameron Hinwood sets a blistering lap time with a 60.711 taking the lead down the main straight but Liam won’t let it fly and fights back through turn two. Oh no we have a spin at turn 7 and it’s Tegan Burnell-Gartner who’s the first driver to let it slip but it was cleared fast and back to racing we go.

We’re now at the 40 minute mark and the pit window is now closed and the strategies are starting to play out, with Cameron still in the lead and Liam not too far behind, Cameron has opened up a good lead with Liam close behind and charging. That lead is closing fast with Liam laying down some quick and consistent lap times.

As we are heading toward the end of the race Liam Neutze who was previously 7 seconds behind the leader has his eye on first and is still laying down those low 61 second lap times. We now have one lap to go and Laim Neutze is right on the back of Cameron Hinwood and Liam Neutze sends it down the inside for a clean pass for the lead and makes it stick with only 3 turns to go. What a finish!!! Liam Neutze takes the win in the Lightweight Category for Round 2 of The Brisbane Lawyers 1 Hour Endurance Challenge.

1st Liam Neutze

2nd Cameron Hinwood Fastest lap also 3rd fastest of the year with a 60.711

3rd Justin Smith


What a hell of a night it was out here tonight for Round 2 of The Brisbane Lawyers 1 Hour Endurance Challenge. It was nonstop adrenaline pumping action from start to finish and a successful night for Liam Neutze coming home with the win after a hard charge from the half way mark to the end showing that “never give up” attitude. A big congratulation to him and all our podium winners here tonight. If you want to get amongst It and try your luck against the best then don’t be shy! Give our friendly sales staff a call on 07 3826 2255 to book in for Round 3 on 26th July as numbers are limited or purchase online at www.kingstonpark.com.au and secure your spot.

Thank you all one again for joining us and we look forward to see you all again next time for the Brisbane Lawyers 1 Hour Endurance Challenge and “One Hell Of A Night Out.”