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1 Hour Enduro - Light Division - Round 1

Posted on March 28, 2018 by

1 Hour 1 Driver around the 1100 metre Le Mans track - 

Light Weight is up first and ready to take on the Iron man go kart challenge. As all drivers head out onto track for their warm up. QUALIFYING - Our top 3 drivers are 1st Mat W 63.744 2nd Kevin O 63.7748 3rd Trent Monks 64.320 but you will have to do more than one fast lap to win the main event.

All our driver gear up and head out to the track behind the pace kart in their 2 x 2 formation, the lights go green GO GO GO!!! We are off and racing around the 1100 metre Le Mans track as all driver head down into turn one bumper to bumper not giving anyone an inch.

As no one want to give up their spot most drivers were racing three wide but this won’t last long, someone will slip up soon. David S slides out at turn 7 causing the whole grid to stop as they could not get through. After the crash was cleared fast everyone was back to racing as everyone still bumper to bumper, it could be anyone’s win at this stage.

Steven Chrisp is out in front leading the grid and also fastest man on track at this point, first driver into the 62 second club. Pit Window is open and a few drivers take the early pit stop to have a quick rest, drink and jump into another kart waiting for them to head back out on track. They wait there 60 seconds, hope they got it right.Then they were off and racing again around Le Mans.

As most drivers have done their changeover the race to the end begins, every perfect apex counts to give you the win at the end. Leading the way Dale V 1st, Treigh M 2nd and Chris B 3rd, with these 3 drivers there’s only a 2 second gap after 50 mins off racing, who will the Iron Kart winner be? Sam A pulls the fastest lap of the race near the end of the race giving everything he’s got doing a 62.099 moving up into 3rd place putting Chris B back in 4th.

As we head into are Final lap there’s nothing in it, first and second Dale V and Treigh M only having a 0.100 gap between them, who has what it takes to win? As they race bumper to bumper around Le Mans for the last lap of the 1 hour race. Both drivers head onto the main straight side by side, who’d have thought racing would be this close after 1 hour of racing. The checkered flag and the race has just been won with a gap off a 0.034! One of the closest race finishes but the one to claim the Iron kart challenge  goes to Treigh M winning the 1 hour race.

1st Treigh M (62.705) 2nd Dale V (62 721) 3rd Sam A (62.099) Fastest lap of the race

We hope everyone enjoyed the night as much as we did and hope to see you all again soon for some more fun filled, action packed racing. If you would like to get in on the action yourself head over to our website www.kingstonpark.com for more information or give our friendly sales team a call on 07 3826 2222 and they will be more than happy to help.