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1 Hour Enduro - Heavy Division - Round 2

Posted on March 28, 2018 by
Good evening and welcome to Kingston Park Raceway for the Brisbane Lawyers 1 hour Endurance Race. This race is going to separate the men from the boys with the incoming weather system that is going to test all of the drivers. Before the race gets underway the drivers will have a chance to qualify for pole position in the qualifying race. For the heavyweight division we had 11 drivers ready to tackle what could be classed as motor boat racing or drifting in the wet. While the drivers waited for their turn out on track, they had the chance to watch the lightweight division race and see how the karts handle the wet track in the on and off wet conditions. 

With all of the drivers briefed up for the qualifying race, it was now time to see how the drivers will go out on track in unfavourable weather conditions that would be challenging for professional racers. All of the drivers were eager to get out there for what looked like one hell of a night out on track. In the end it was Brent Christofferson who snagged Pole Position with a blistering 87.626 wet qualifying lap.

He was closely followed by Tristan Tapuni in 2nd with a 88.254 and Jack Drurey in 3rd with a 88.573.
What a qualifying race that was with the top 8 separated by only 3.28 seconds.
With the qualifying race done and dusted it was now time to begin the main race. 

All the drivers had their last-minute pit stops to help shed every ounce of weight to go that little bit faster. The drivers returned back the briefing area to receive their last-minute briefing of the rules and regulations for the Brisbane Lawyers 1 Hour Endurance race. For the start of the race the drivers follow the pace kart around in their qualifying order. As the pace kart peeled back into pit lane control was handed over to Brent Christofferson in Pole Position. They headed down the straight to the starting line…the lights went green and we are underway with what is going to be a very interesting race as the rain starts to come down even heavier than before. With the rain coming down heavier the visibility has been reduced to just 2 corners for the drivers. As fast as it came the rain just as quickly disappeared after big deluge of water. At the end of the first lap Jack Druery took the lead with some very careful driving, his goal…set some quick lap times and build up a lead in case the rain comes back. The crowd let out a loud cheer as the drivers came down the straight kicking up large rooster tails of water. At the 20 minute mark the pit lane opened for the drivers to come in to do their mandatory pit stop and kart change over. Once again we have another deluge of rain but this one looks like it is going to weaken. The drivers kept pushing on through it, still setting some pretty quick wet lap times. The crowd kept cheering on the drivers, even when they could see the drivers spinning out at the corners they could see they enjoyment of the drivers drifting and spinning out. 

At the 40 minute mark pit lane is now closed. Now begins the hard yards with a 20 minute sprint to the end in an attempt to claim 1st place in the Brisbane Lawyers 1 Hour Endurance Race. All of the drivers were keeping up with the pace of the lead drivers but Brent had built up a bit of a lead now. As the rain kept falling the drivers refused to give up and kept pushing hard for the checked flag. As the end of the race was closing in it certainly didn’t look like any of the drivers were going to let up, they were intent on pushing hard right till the end. At the checked flag it was Brent Christofferson who held on to take first place from 2 fast flying drivers in Tristan Tapuni and Jack Druery. Then in typical race fashion when the race finishes it stops raining.

1st place – Brent Christofferson
2nd place – Tristan Tapuni
3rd place – Jack Druery.
Fastest lap – Simon Thompson with an 85.596

Keen for the next round? Book online as spots fill fast and they’re limited numbers.
Entry Fee: $135.00 per person

Date: Thursday, 23rd May 2018. Practice: 6:00 pm - Drivers can participate in a warm up session. Briefing: 6.15 pm - Drivers MUST attend race briefing. Weight Categories: There will be two weight divisions. Light Division (85kg and under) / Heavy Division (86kg and over) Racing 1: 6:30 pm - Light Division (85kg and under) Racing 2: 8:00 pm - Heavy Division (86kg and over).