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Friday Night Challenge - Week 45

13th Nov 2017

Friday Night ChallengeRace Nights

It had been competitive all night, the drivers came into the briefing area fully prepared knowing full well what needed to be done to seal the victory for the night. However, the quality of drivers that were there, made sure that doing so would not be an easy task whatsoever and the rain that was beginning to fall was going to make the track hard to negotiate with.

Friday Night Challenge - Week 44

06th Nov 2017

Race ResultsFriday Night ChallengeRace Nights

Welcome to yet another great night here at Kingston Park Race for one of our most exciting and fast-pace events, Friday Night Challenge!! Tonight we saw a total of 24 drivers turn up for tonight’s event. Majority of those drivers were new and young, with the young drivers only having 2 weeks left until their graduation; and only a couple of our regulars getting there fix as there’s only 2 rounds left to go.

Friday Night Challenge - Week 43

01st Nov 2017

Friday Night ChallengeRace Nights

For week 43 we saw 12 drivers make their way down to the Lemans track for the next round in Friday Night Challenge. A majority of new faces amongst the drivers, mixed in with a few of our regulars, made for some fresh challenges for all...

Friday Night Challenge - Week 42

24th Oct 2017

Friday Night ChallengeRace Nights

The tension was building, the karts were quick all night and the competitors had their game faces on. There was friendly talk before the race, but once those helmets were on there was only the race on the drivers mind.

Team Challenge Race Report Rd 5

17th Oct 2017

Race ResultsBrisbane Go KartingGo Kart ResultsTeam Challenge

After 4 hard fought battles throughout the year, it’s all come down to this with the top 5 teams in contention to take home the grand prize of VIP tickets to the Gold Coast 600. A bit of rain earlier in the day has the track now dry but greasy, sure to make every pass, every flying lap, every pit stop, every penalty and every mistake with everything on the line for our top teams, so lets get into it.

Friday Night Challenge - Week 41

17th Oct 2017

Race ResultsFriday Night Challenge

If you love to get down and get dirty then you need to get down to Kingston Park Raceway for the Friday Night Challenge!

Friday Night Challenge - Week 38

28th Sep 2017

Race ResultsBrisbane Go KartingFriday Night Challenge

If you love to get down and get dirty then you need to get down to Kingston park raceway for the Friday Night Challenge

​Sponsors Challenge 2017 - Round 4

28th Sep 2017

Race ResultsGo Kart ResultsGo KartingSponsors Challenge

This years Sponsors challenge has been a close competition all year and with the top 3 teams locked together this was always going to be a night of close racing.

Logan Law Grand Final Results 2017

20th Sep 2017

Brisbane Go KartingGo Kart RacingGo Kart ResultsGold Coast Go Karting

Tonight’s Grand Final was an awesome night of seriously fast competition and the top teams put on quite a show with some close go kart racing and at times testing limits that resulted in a number of on track incidents that raised a few eyebrows as the night moved on.

Friday Night Challenge - Week 36

11th Sep 2017

Brisbane Go KartingGo Kart RacingGo Kart Results

Friday Night Challenge is Brisbane's best Go karting and everyone is welcome to come down to Kingston Park Raceway and let there racing do there talking.