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Kingston Park Go Karting Blog

Friday Night Challenge Race Results Wk 37

20th Sep 2019

Friday Night Challenge Go Kart Racing Racing

Andy Bayer was the man to beat tonight winning all heats thus far, he took it away from the front row as the green lights come alive at the start our Super Final and the only challenge was from Bailey Howard who had his eyes on the prize and gave Andy a run for his money.

Sponsors Challenge Round 4 2019

19th Sep 2019

KartracingGo KartingWinners

This was night full surprises, The JJ Richards boys drove weel and improved their position whilst thlads at the pointy end battled hard all night and in the end we could cover the top 3 teams with just a 58 point variance. This is turning into One Hell of a Series.

Sponsors Challenge Rd 3 Results

10th Sep 2019

Go Karting Race NightsBrisbane Go Karting

After a 2 Month break all our Sponsors are ready to race again and the competition is fierce with just 30 points between 1st to 3rd place

Friday Night Challenge Week 33

10th Sep 2019

Kingston Park Raceway Racing#gokarting

As the drivers make their way down the straight to start the race the lights go green and they are off with a very clean get away from Daniel Martin who blocks the entry to turn one and the challenge from Stacey Maiden is held off.

Race Night Results - Week 32

15th Aug 2019

Kartracing#gokartingGo Kart Racing Results For Friday Night Challenge

A big CONGRATULATIONS goes to Dean Ferguson, Cooper Mcclymont, Christopher Jesse, Peter Appleton, Justin Price, Travis Geshwend, Nick Gregory and Johnathan Appleton for making it through to the Super Final in the Friday night challenge. All these drivers battled it out with 24 other amazing drivers through several heats and only the top 8 drivers of the night earned their place in the Super Final

1 Hour Enduro - Lights July 2019

02nd Aug 2019

Go Kart Racing#gokartingEnduro Racing

All drivers follow the pace kart around for their formation lap as the pace kart peals into the pits we see the pack come down the straight they have all bunched up nicely and the green lights come on and they are off! Very very nice start from all the drivers especially from our leaders Dylan Jones and Daniel Martin waste no time as they move away Tom Fanshawe currently holding 3rd

One Hour Enduro Heavy Division Results - July 2019

02nd Aug 2019

Go Kart Racing#gokartingEnduro RacingOne Hour Enduro

Race Time and as the drivers went through their briefing from race control, they were all eager and fired up ready to go racing nonstop for an hour. As they were briefed up on the pace kart procedure, they head out for their formation lap as the pace kart pulled into pit lane our drivers travelled down the main straight eagerly awaiting the lights to go green.

Race Night Results for week 26

04th Jul 2019

Go Kart Racing#gokarting

Through the night the track had started to dry up but towards the latter part of the night the 1000m Le Mans track was doused with a bit more rain and during the warm up lap Daniel Young somehow drove straight into the back of Joshua Manser and Jeremy Van Der Merwe which was very odd but in this instance, he was let off with a warning

Friday Night Challenge 21-06-2019 / Wk 25

27th Jun 2019

Go Kart Racing Go Karting Gold CoastGo Karting In Brisbane And The Gold Coast

Our top drivers are heading out for their warmup lap behind the pace kart, the pace kart pulls into pit lane as our first 2 drivers maintain the same pace up the main straight. As they approach the lights, yellows are off and greens are on, its go time! Jay Atman in kart 3 immediately takes the lead going into turn 1, and falls back into second as James Barton soars past him through turn 2.

Tag Team Challenge Round 3

15th Jun 2019

The Young Gun Takes It To The Big Boys Father and son team Carters Karters coming home just over 10 seconds clear over Light Chop in 2nd with FN GR8 rounding off our podium places for this evening. The Rejects came home in 4th as the last of our teams to finish on the lead lap. BDS KTM took out the inner team BDS battle between themselves and BDS YAMAHA more....