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Friday Night Challenge Scoreboard


Welcome race fans to another adrenaline packed night of racing out here at Kingston Park Raceway. With fields of entirely new faces and our usual FNC suspects absent, no one was sure what to expect out on the Lemans track here tonight. But the challenge seems to bring out the best in anyone and tonight did not disappoint with our newcomers stepping up to the plate and smashing it home with some outstanding racing all throughout.  But that's enough of that, let's get into it and break it down.

After hard fought battles from start to finish and entering the super final tonight were Rohin Duffy, Michael Harder, Shaun Noffke, Clayton Unterrheiner, Bruce Skipp, Glenn Firth, Josh Hyam and Cameron Webb.

With the karts prepped and ready to go, our drivers head on out to take their positions and roll out behind the pace kart for the calm before the storm, almost literally as a sprinkle of rain just ups the ante and makes things even more tense and interesting. As the pace kart peels back into pit lane it's like watching bulls at a gate ready to go and then without warning, green lights on and they're off racing!

Glenn Firth holding the lead off pole into turn one and Cameron Webb right with him off third to move into second place. Side by side the grid goes, battling through 2, 3 and 4. Contact from the field as no one is giving even an inch! Eyes on the prize as they make their way around to complete lap one.

Unrelenting is the only word I can think of to describe tonights field as the battle continues for first, second, third and fourth. But that's not to say that the rest of the field have dropped off, not at all. With only a second gap splitting the other half of the field they are still right there and it's anyones game. The man to watch at the moment is Josh Hyam making a charge along with Clayton Unterrheiner to reach that lead pack. And not just trying, they make it and throw themselves into the mix.

Half way mark now and Glenn Firth is only just holding on to that lead with 5 karts now battling for position behind him. With a magic move through turn 3, Josh Hyam makes his way into third position and right behind him is Clayton Unterrheiner. Coming back around to turn 3 once again and seeing what Josh did the lap before Clayton tries the same move on him, but disaster! As Clayton goes for the long dive into turn 3 he isn't far enough and Josh closes the door. Clayton way to deep into the move now locks it up and collides with Josh sending him wide and almost into the tyres dropping him all the way back to 6th position. Unfortunately for Clayton it is the responsibility of the driver of the passing kart to do so safely and without contact. He received a black flack and was disqualified from the event. A tragic end to an otherwise solid nights effort.

Out of the chaos came Bruce Skipp making his way into 3rd now and pushing hard to pick a fight with Cameron Webb who is still holding 2nd and biding his time till he can make a move on Glenn Firth. The battle continues corner to corner allowing Glenn a touch of breathing room. Bruce Skipp, seeing a golden moment to make a move through turns 7 and 8 he goes wide through 7 ready to dive into 8 but with a little water still on the track off of the racing like he slides out and collects the tyres! Back to 6th position for bruce, unlucky.

Now we see yet another name to take up the challenge our 2 leaders are putting up tonight in the form of Shaun Noffke. Quickly making up time he gets his nose in and joins the battle for the lead. With only 2 laps to go Glenn Firth is only just holding on from the onslaught being delivered by both Cameron Webb and Shaun Noffke! Let's not count out Rohin Dufty either as he is poised to make a move on third.

The last lap and its anyones game! 8 laps of hard racing and you could still throw a blanket over our lead drivers. With time running out for Cameron Webb he looks here, looks there but Glenn Firth just won't have any of it, driving a very solid race and line. The last corner and it all comes down to this. Rohin Dufty realises this as well and makes a move on Shaun Noffke but again that little bit of water on the track sends him wide in 7 into the tyres putting him to the back, very unfortunate. Cameron goes for the dive but he just can't get the momentum he needed out of 8 and Glenn Firth takes it home!

1st - Glenn Firth - 63.869

2nd - Cameron Webb - 63.224

3rd - Shaun Noffke - 63.254

Fastest lap - Josh Hyam - 62.628

What a night we had with ups and downs, excitement and drama. What more could you ask for in the best karting event you can participate in outside of official competitive racing. With practice, 3 heats, the best drivers after all 3 heats going into a semi final and then the best of the best going head to head for their shot at gold in the super final. But don't take my word for it, if you're interested, keen or even just looking for something exciting to do on a Friday night then come on down and check it out for yourself. Or even better yet jump on in and give it a crack for only $89pp. For more information check out our website at or call our sales team on 07 3826 2222. Also don't forget to follow us on facebook for updates on special events, offers, deals and more. Once again a big thank you to all who joined us here for a action packed, adrenaline filled, unbeatable night karting here at Kingston Park Raceway's Friday Night Challenge!

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If you want to take on the best Go Karting racers in Brisbane then all you need to is front up on a Friday night and let your driving do the talking for you.

Registration is at 6:00pm, Practice starts at 6:30pm with racing from 7:15pm sharp and we recommend you book as Friday Night Challenge is a very popular event here at Kingston Park Raceway!

Call 07 3826 2255 to enter the next race and check out the FNC page for details.