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Tag Team Challenge Round 3

Posted on January 21, 2022 by

Tag Team Challenge Round 3

The Young Gun Takes It To The Big Boys


Good evening and welcome to another unforgettable night of racing at Kingston Park Raceway. This time we hit it up with our Triple M Tag Team Challenge. A grid teams face off tonight to take home the nights prize and also put more points on the board in the chase for the title of Triple M Champion. The stage was set with perfect racing conditions and our newly surfaced lemans circuit. Now lets not waste any more time and dive right in to the action.

With qualifying done the grid was set ready to go. Final preparations made and karts checked our starting drivers from each team gear up and hop in for the start of tonight's event. As they roll out behind the pace kart everything falls silent bar the humming of the kart engines.

The pace kart peels into pit lane and the lights go green! The Race is underway The Rejects jump into 2nd around turn 1 Light Chop get away very cleanly from pole position and start to make an early push. Rapid Racing drop down the field very quickly in the opening laps after starting from position 4. Young Lachlan Carter from Carters Karters gets a great start out of position 9 after his Father took part in qualifying for the team getting into the top 5 by lap one and setting a 60.944 on just the 2nd lap of the race this young 16 year old isnt afraid to take it to the big boys.

Carters Karters waste absolutely no time making their way into the top 3 and on only the 4th lap they sail paste Brayden Bateman in the kart for The Rejects into turn 1. We are now 5 laps into the race Light Chop have a 5 second lead but Young Lachlan Carter has just put in a 60.597 he is a whole second faster than the Light Chop driver these are very quick lap times this early in a race but this is an endurance race surely the young man cant keep up these qualifying lap times for a whole 90 minutes.

By the 8th lap we have a battle between FN GR8 and The Rejects starting to unfold for 3rd place with Brayden Bateman in for The Rejects with his hands full with FN GR8 behind. All eyes are on Light Chop and Carters Karters we see a very intense battle for about 4 to 5 laps we also see that the drivers have strong and weak points around the massive 1100 metre Le Mans track Lachlan Carter seems to be very strong into the braking area of turn 1 and seems to get a very good drive off the corner and into turn 2 than from there the driver from Light Chop seems to get a better run through the rest of the 1st sector from the exit of 2 into turn 3 and is faster through the 2nd sector from turn 3 through 4 and into turn 5 but through the 3rd sector Carters Karters are really quick from turn 6 through 7 and 8 and down our main straight young Lachlan is pulling in 2 to 3 kart lengths consistently its forcing Light Chop to defend the inside going into turn 1 and forcing them to really drive the kart hard through the last two corners. For the next 4 laps the back and forth battle continued with Carters

Karters having a look into turn 1 with Light Chop covering then pulling out enough of a gap through the middle of the track to not need to cover through the last 2 corners until turn 1 again. Young Lachlan sees this and plays a little patient game he gives Light Chop a little bit of briefing space and gives himself a really good run through the last part of the track Light Chop think they are covered now the driver thinks Lachlans way to far back for a lunge into turn 1 so he takes the racing line and that was the biggest invitation you could give a 16 year old he licks the stamp and sends it down the inside a move the man Daniel Ricciardo himself would be proud off super clean move and now he starts to push harder to create a lead.

All this action and we are only about 15 minutes into the race. Pit stops will be starting very soon but FN GR8 arent going to wait till then they want 3rd place now making a move on The Rejects for 3rd place at turn 1 and make it stick unfortunately not the way The Rejects wanted their race to go after being in 2nd place at the early stages. At the 18 minute make we see Pedal to the metal come in for their first pit stop and driver change a lot of teams follow suit with a lot of teams getting themselves a 10 second penalty for unsafe entry and release in the parking lane dear oh me this is not the way you want your pit stops to go if you are in contention for the win here this evening.

We see about 25% of the field decide to do one early with BDS Yamaha being the first team deciding to do a kart change with BDS KTM coming in as well wishing to do one but at the sight of BDS Yamaha doing one they decide to opt down a different strategy path. Some interesting inter team rivalry behind pit wall here lets see who has the last laugh here. Light Chop decide to come in from 2nd place they have a very clean and quick pit stop that will surely challenge the rest of the teams for quickest pit stop. Feeling the pressure from such a quick pit stop Carters Karters put in a couple of qualifying laps before bringing the young gun Lachlan Carter into the pits to change over to Lachlans Father John Carter. John gives Lachlan the signal and next lap Lachlan comes in but what’s this he hits the cone in pit lane trying to make his way into the passing lane that will be a 10 second penalty before getting out of his kart, he pulls up to his pit bay and as he serves the teams penalty race control has noticed John Carter has forgot to put his hoody on under his helmet he is going to have to take his helmet off now and put his hoodie on and his helmet back on before getting into the go kart this has cost valuable time and after being in the lead by almost 10 seconds they are now behind Light Chop with Carters Karters being almost 20 seconds behind the leaders and now sitting in 2nd with FN GR8 in 3rd hot on their tails.

Through the middle of the race the pit lane was a very hectic place with most of the field except 3 teams deciding to come in and do their kart change over with only Light Chop, Karters Carters and Pedal to the Metal deciding to their kart change during the last pit stop of 3. By the 2nd lots of pit stops we see teams doing a lot better job of safe entering of pit lane and exiting with a lot of teams realising risking an unsafe release isnt worth the 10 second penalty that comes with it. Pedal to the Metal unfortunately found themselves with a 30 second penalty with 2 cases of unsafe driving out of track and a speeding in pit lane infringement not the way the team where hoping their race would go after starting on the front row now struggling to stay in the top 10. Lachlan Carter is out in the kart again after his Father got the team back within 10 seconds of the leader with a stellar stint Young Lachlan gets straight back into his grove pumping out consistent 60 second lap times wasting no time catching the leaders Light Chop but Light Chop have found some really good mid race pace with some quick mid 60 second lap times they are very keen to keep Carters Karters behind them. Lachlan puts in a 59.955 and gets right onto the back of our Leaders Light Chop but they get caught up in lap traffic and Carters Karters get the worse of it almost spinning into turn 1 they are now 4 seconds behind. They waste no time catching back up with just 4 laps gone by Carters Karters find themselves in the same position again and this time Light Chop get the worse of the traffic and Carters Karters get an easy pass through turn one. Light Chop are hungry though consistently putting in mid-60 second lap times to try to keep young Lachlan within punching distance but the young man pumps in a series of quick lap times in the 59 second range with a fastest lap of the race and month and the 3rd fastest lap of the year with a 59.824 thats just incredible at this stage of the race considering these tyres have already done almost 70 laps of constant racing.

The last round of the pit stops role on by and we see Pedal to the Metal come in to complete their kart change with only Carters Karters and Light Chop left to do theirs. Down on their luck the team in pit bay 6 for BDS KTM are high fiving each other and celebrating getting one up of their rivals. While this is all going on though Carters Karters are in for their last driver change and kart change coming in from the lead Young Lachlan hands over to his Father John they barely serve their minimum 60 seconds for the kart change over leaving the pit lane with only 2 seconds to spare the only team who did theirs quicker was The Rejects who got out with only 4 tenths of a second to spare thats just 0.400 of a second.

Light Chop realising their driver is now the quickest on track they run him long all the way up to just 10 minutes to go to maximise their chances of winning. They will have to be careful though since the driver who has to finish of the race has only driven 30 minutes so far they will need to bring their driver in now so that both drivers will do the minimum required time of 40 minutes. With not a second to spare Light Chop are in for their kart change they were very swift getting in and out all while being very careful not to receive a penalty. They achieve a kart change over just half a second slower than Carters Karters achieved theirs but unfortunately they still have some work to do coming out of the pits in only 2nd place about 8 seconds behind our leaders Carters Karters that doesnt give Light Chop a lot of time to make something happened but they have become almost seasoned veterans now if any team on the grid could achieve it its Light Chop.

 With just under 7 minutes to go Light Chop have cut Carters Karters lead to just 5 seconds Carters Karters are trying to become the first team to win a tag team challenge from outside the top 5 since the qualifying format was introduced last year in 2018 all the while Light Chop are hungry to add to their ever amassing win count. We have 5 minutes to go and The Rejects are catching FN GR8 but will it be enough Light Chop are really starting to have a sniff of our leader Carters Karters, there are battles everywhere in the closing stages The Rejects try to make some ground but spin out a back marker getting themselves a 10 second penalty that will take them out of contention for 3rd but they are comfortable in 4th being the last team on the lead lap. Light Chop are starting to put the pressure on but they get caught up in an incident involving lap drivers and lose just over 10 seconds to our leaders now. The clock hits zero 2 laps to go now for Carters Karters who now have a 13 second lead. Father John Carter drives the kart home very safely takes no risks and wins the race for Carters Karters coming home just over 10 seconds clear over Light Chop in 2nd with FN GR8 rounding off our podium places for this evening. The Rejects came home in 4th as the last of our teams to finish on the lead lap. BDS KTM took out the inner team BDS battle between themselves and BDS YAMAHA and The Rejects took out the fastest kart change of the night with The Rejects also achieving the fastest driver change in just under 30 seconds total pit lane time with no other team taking less than 30 seconds. Finishing order was as followed.

1.      {cke_protected_1}Carters Karters

2.      {cke_protected_2}Light Chop

3.      {cke_protected_3}FN Gr8

4.      {cke_protected_4}The Rejects

5.      {cke_protected_5}BDS KTM

6.      {cke_protected_6}The Dukes

7.      {cke_protected_7}Rapid Racing

8.      {cke_protected_8}Pedal To The Metal

9.      {cke_protected_9}BDS YAMAHA

10.  {cke_protected_10}Ram Rod Racing

11.  {cke_protected_11}The Egg

12.  {cke_protected_12}BMW Boys

13.  {cke_protected_13}Miss Daisy Racing

14.  {cke_protected_14}First Gear

Fastest lap of the race and 3rd fastest of the year goes to Carters Karters with Lachlan Carter doing a lap time of a 59.824.

Well That Concludes our evening for round 3 of Kingston Park Raceways Tag Team Challenge if you and a mate think you got what it takes to take out the top step on our coca cola podium make sure you grab your helmet and come on down for round 4 until next time keep the right pedal down thank you.