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Friday Night Challenge Week 23

Posted on June 2, 2019 by  

Friday Night Challenge 31.05.2019


Good evening and welcome back to another unbeatable night of racing out here at Kingston Park Raceway’s Friday Night Challenge. We had twelve brave souls come out tonight to take on the cooler temperatures as well as the chance at medallions, prizes, bragging rights and of course, the top step of our Coca Cola Podium. There should be some very quick lap times done  with the cooler temperatures this evening, will someone break into the 59’s? Will some challenge the new Lap record set last week? Time will tell. Through the cold weather we did see some very quick lap times coming out from our drivers in the latter half of the night with times that would rival our Pro Series drivers. When all was said and done however it all comes down to the Super Final. Jonny Aviles, Ivan Tumara, John Hernando, Sharrayne Kara, Mitchell Wright and Shaun Vincent who not only came down for a practice before the night started but he also doing double duties by also racing in the Pro Series tonight and he certainly is not shy of doing a quick lap around our 1100m International Standard Le Mans Track. Let’s dive right in and see how it all played out.

The pace kart pulls on in, the drivers have their eyes focused on the lights and green, green, green they are off racing. Right out of the gate Shaun Vincent wastes no time and dives right into third position off the line and very quickly proceeds to line up John Hernando for second, he manages takes it away at turn four around the outside and he still isn’t done. Shaun then squares up  our current leader Mitchell Wright and takes out the lead through turn five, from there Shaun Vincent drops the hammer & begins to check out.  Ivan Tumara refuses to be left behind and starts making his charge from the back as well.

Ivan manages to fight his way through the pack and find himself in a heated battle against Mitchell Wright and John Hernando for second position. As they begin to hustle, bustle and swap positions Shaun Vincent sails off into the sunset, if they keep this battle going they may just sacrifice their chance to make up lost ground, they need to figure out a way to work together to make up ground on Shaun. Ivan Tumara manages to get round John Hernando through turn one and then squares up with Mitchell Wright to grab second place at turn one as well after a failed attempt at turn four the lap before.

The gap is slowly shrinking as Ivan Tumara leads the charge now in an attempt to chase down Shaun Vincent who now has a sizable lead. The times forever ticking and there aren’t many laps left. Round they go again, Ivan Tumara still holding second and leading the charge but as Mitchell and John start mixing it up again for third with laps ticking down Ivan is left to charge ahead by himself. Mitchell Wright and John Hernando change positions a hand full of times but Mitchell Wright holds on to third across the line. Ivan Tumara comes across in second and Shaun Vincent, after a double duty night plus some earlier practice races, he has managed to pumped out 11 races tonight which is definitely “One Hell Of A Night Out” in itself.


1st – Shaun Vincent – 62.142

2nd – Ivan Tumara – 62.614

3rd – Mitchell Wright – 62.567


What an exciting night of fast fuelled fun out here tonight at Kingston Park Raceway’s Friday Night Challenge. Thank you to all who came out tonight and hope to see you all down here next Friday. If you think you have what it takes to stand on the top of our Coca Cola Podium call out friendly Sales Team on 07 3826 2255 to book your spot on the grid.