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Friday Night Challenge - March Comp - Wk 1

Posted on July 17, 2021 by

Friday Night Challenge Week - 1

A big congratulations tonight Ben Spence, Tim Kaehler, Tom Nikolas, Cassie Skreblin, Matt Bennett, Luke Burton, Henry Davis and Scott Osmond for making it through to the Final race in the Friday night challenge. The drivers all had to battle it out with 21 other awesome drivers through several races and only the top 8 drivers of the night earned their place in the Super Final. All the drivers were keen and excited for an action-packed, adrenaline-filled Friday night challenge here at Kingston Park Raceway. All drivers did amazingly given the damp, wet conditions and all deserve a major round of applause.

We have Ben Spence starting off on pole position , Tim Kaehler in 2nd, Tom Nikolas in 3rd, Cassie Skreblin right on 4th, Matt Bennett in 5th, Luke Burton on 6th, Henry Davis on 7th and Scott Osmond in 8th. There is nothing but sheer perfection as all the drivers are going through the pace lap. Coming down the main straight! pace kart peels off into pit lane, first two drivers are looking eye to eye as they await the green light, drivers are all bunched up ready for the optimal start. All the friends and previous opponents are crowed along the fence line cheering them on with encouragement and lots of banter.

Lights go GREEN and the race is ON! Tom nikolas shoots off to a powerful lead gaining valuable distance between Ben Spence and Tim Kaehlar taking 1st position. Heaps of push and shove leading into turn 3, Luke burton getting a warning BUMP as he tries to take third from ben Spence. Matt Bennett is moving up the pack as he catches up to Luke burton. Scott Osmond wasting no time at all taking 6th position from Cassie Skreblin. Disaster on track for Cassie Skreblin and Ben Spence who make a slight error and cause each other to spin out. All of this happening within the last couple of laps. Henry Davis trying his best to keep up with the faster drivers. Tom Nikolas holding the lead as Tim kaehler is right behind him with his head down focusing. Luke burton zooming through the field, starting from 6th and making his way to 3rd.

Coming up to the halfway mark, Tom Nikolas holding his own as he zooms around track, Tim kaehler wont let him get away with it as he makes valuable ground around turn 1Luke Burton is on the rear bumper of Tim Kaehler letting him know he is still there. Cassie Skreblin is still trying her best to keep up but after the crash at turn 3 she lost a lot of distance. Ben Spence keeping in the game holding 6th place as Scott osmond shoots past him for 5th. Henry Davis is following Cassie Skreblin almost flawlessly around track, working on her racing line and working on the imperfections. Its a 3 way battle between 1st,2nd and 3rd. Tim Kaehler CRISS CROSSING Tom Nikolas around turn 2 taking first position, Luke Burton is right on the gearbox of Tom Nikolas.

The final moment has arrived, the last lap. Tim Kaehler remains the leader of the race, Tom Nikolas not far behind as he defends 2nd position Luke Burton. Matt Bennett really pushing the new go karts to their limit and keeping up with the leading pack. Scott Osmond and ben Spence are side by side, neither one giving an inch. Henry Davis overtaking Cassie Skreblin around turn 3 but couldn't make it stick. Tim Kaehlar flooring it down the main straight to take the chequered flag. It is still anyones race for 2nd as they are all next to each other down the main straight. Tom Nikolas safely secures 2nd place, Luke Burton fractions of a second behind him coming in 3rd place. Matt Bennett taking 4th. Scott Osmond came cheering down to get 5th place. Ben Spence giving it his all coming 6th, Cassie Skreblin placing 7th and Henry Davis coming 8th placing his skills against some of Friday Night Challenges greatest racers. 


1st Tim Kaehler

2nd Tom Nikolas

3rd Luke Burton   Congratulations to Ben Spencer for posting tonights fastest lap of 62.811. A major thank you for all the drivers and supporters who came racing for yet another great, amazing, exiting hell of a night out at Kingston Park Raceways Friday night challenge. If you are interested in a fun, fast, adrenaline fueled night of racing make sure you sign up for a Friday night challenge. Be sure to check out the website kingstonpark.com.au or give our friendly team a call on (07) 3826 2255 for more information or enquiries.