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Friday Night Challenge Week 1

Posted on August 25, 2021 by

Friday Night Challenge 7.02.20


This Year every month we will have a new Friday Night Champion and despite the rainy conditions this brave lot fronted the starter for week 1 of the February comp.

It was a little tense as our past champion Andy Barber was back to take on the new commers and Zac Pascoe was leading that charge. We started the night with 12 drivers and competing in wet weather we had Andy B and Stacey M and Harrison D, we had Zach P and Tristan B, Oliver H, Glen T, Jennings D, Joshua L and Riley S. Rounding out the group we had Brendon F and S. Riley. It was destined to be a good night, with a line up like this.

6 drivers made it into the Super Final, and the eagerly lined up and got ready to race. Lap 1 starts…… as they drive around the pace car, Andy takes the lead leaving Stacey in 2nd. Under the watchful eye of the Track Marshalls karts bumped into one another as the fight for the lead takes place as they go around turn 2. Harrison is left in 3rd place, but holds on tight. With light rain making it hard to keep traction, the drivers drift around the corners with the more experienced drivers putting on a display.

By lap 3 Kart 19 overdrove his kart which resulted in pushing him into last place. Sometimes the good luck gods are not watching over you.  While Kart 19 is being assessed Stacey makes a sneaky move, pushing Andy into 3rd place and Zac in 2nd. By Lap 4 Stacey is in the Lead with the gap of 0.01.735 seconds in front of Zac who is holding onto 2nd and Andy in 3rd place.

Showers began to ease which gave our Elite the chance to improve on their lap times and hustle to the front of the pack. Not an easy job to do when there is so much talent, fighting for your position.

By Lap 5 Oliver caused a friendly ruffle fighting for position 3. The ruffle didn’t work well for Oliver as he held the 4th position. Racing around the track and holding strong.

By the 6th lap Stacey and Zac had gained a massive lead, leaving Andy in 3rd position giving everything he had to close the gap between him and Zac, tonight was not his night.

As we enter the last lap Zac and Stacey have now reversed roles as Race leader and by turn 7 Stacey was able to snatch back the lead from Zac, which he was able to keep that position to the flag whilst Andy was right behind.

Good racing and showing great kart control from all our drivers tonight

If you are interested in joining the Friday Night Challenge call sale on 3826 2255 or Click Here to book online. 


Points Winners on the night

1s                   Andy Barber       230pts

2nd                Stacey Maiden 224pts

3rd           Zac Pascoe          216pts